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Water Mains Repaired or Replaced

There's no way to predict and, consequently, prepare for a water main break, so when faced with one, homeowners are often left with quite a mess to deal with. But before they begin cleaning up, the break needs to be fixed, which can become a problem unto itself.

While there are certainly a few specialists in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia who can help residents with the issue, no one will get to their homes quicker and do a better job of resolving the problem than John C. Flood, Inc.

A water main break can undoubtedly wreak havoc on the landscape of a home, but the damage is often escalated due to outdated techniques that result in holes all over lawns.

However, John C. Flood uses the latest "trenchless" technology, which not only resolves major water main breaks in the most efficient and effective way, it also safeguards your landscaping from ugly blemishes that are nearly impossible to cover up.

In addition to basic DC, Virginia and Maryland water main repairs, we are also notable authorities with poly water lines. In 1992, John C. Flood, Inc. represented more than 100 homeowners associations, serving as an expert witness in a winning class action lawsuit against major oil companies.

We will do everything we can to stop your water main break as soon as possible. Our technicians take service requests in our nation's capital, Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington and all other cities and towns throughout Maryland and Virginia seven days a week, 365 days a year, and we never charge extra "overtime" fees for work done on the weekends.

John C. Flood Water and Sewer Line Services:
♦ Interior and exterior water pipe replacement
♦Water purification systems
♦ Whole house repiping
♦ Commercial water leak location
♦ Commercial water meters installed
♦ Copper water line repairs
♦ Galvanized water line repairs
♦ CPVC water line repairs
♦ FREE second opinion on any water line repair or replacement
♦ We repair burst and leaking water and sewer pipes
♦ Trenchless digging (No damage to your landscape)
♦ Underground leak location
♦ Water jetting
♦ Underground water and sewer line repairs and replacements
♦ Poly pipe repairs and replacement
♦ Under concrete leak location
♦ Manhole jetting and video inspection
♦ Exact pinpoint underground line location *See details
♦ Septic to sewer line conversions.
♦ Street cuts and sewer excavations
♦ Well to city water line conversions
♦ Sewer ejection pump repair and replacement
♦ Grease and oil tank interceptor replacement
♦ Commercial water main repair and replacement
♦ Commercial fire hydrant repair and replacement

*Underground locating devices can be affected by certain types of underground utility lines and soil conditions.